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May 9

In Pursuit Of Happiness?


In pursuit of happiness?

NO, not another happy clappy rallying cry from the positive mental attitude crowd 😀 A simple question with a surprisingly simple answer (unless I am your therapist, in which case this could be a long and difficult road strewn with emotional highs and lows) but don't worry, I will be with you every step of the way (so long as you don't over run your time slot and continue to pay on time 😁)

In life, things go wrong. People upset us, bad things happen to good people and our emotional roller-coaster ensures know two days are the same 😭.

But what saddens me the most is the amount of otherwise intelligent people who emotionally exhaust themselves trying to put a positive spin on everything. Shit happens guys.

So before you spend another minute trying to "spin" or "re-frame" an obviously painful or frustrating experience into something more "positive", please learn to understand what's going on between your ears.

Five years ago you would have needed a degree in neuro psychology to have a hope of getting your head around it all. Today, thanks to the likes of Prof Steve Roberts it's a much easier fix. In my very humble opinion his book, the Chimp Paradox, that I stumbled across a couple of years back is a game changer. 👌

A human beings, understanding why we do what we do removes a significant amount of emotional distress and adds a degree of control and stability to an other wise random and chaotic existence.

If your not much of a reader or don't have the patience for an audio book give me a shout next time you are in the gym and I will happily provide you with the edited highlights.




New Posts
  • When people are struggling I often hear " I'm just not motivated" or "how do you stay motivated"😔 Well the simple answer is you CAN'T stay motivated - it's impossible! 😱The reason for this is that motivation is an emotional state and as such is prone to changes in our mood. Good days and bad days - we all have them!😃 The key to success in exercise and body transformation is COMMITMENT. 😃😃 Commitment is dedicating yourself to doing something because you want the benefits that it has to offer or you fear the consequences of not doing it, regardless of what mood you are in. Think about it for a moment, how many people do you know who only go to work when they feel like it or are motivated.🤔 Most commit to going to work because best case, it provides them with a quality of life or worst case it "pays the bills". But in either case a failure to commit to attending will adversely impact on their situation. So next time you are "struggling for motivation" ask yourself what can make this so important to me that I will do it regardless of my mood! 🤓
  • Hi Guys   Did you know that there is a significant amount of evidence that shows the more physically Active you are the better your brain works :) Makes sense when you think about it. The brain is an organ that needs nutrients and energy.  Increased physical activity strengthens and improves just about every system in the body all of which play an integral part in getting blood and nutrients to the brain.  This in turn increases the brains ability to do...... just about anything really🤯 but does it help make us happier?  That's whole other topic for another day but let me know if you would like to know more.  Have a happy weekend guys :)