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    NO, not another happy clappy rallying cry from the positive mental attitude crowd 😀

    A simple question with a surprisingly simple answer (unless I am your therapist, in which case this could be a long and difficult road strewn with emotional highs and lows) but don’t worry, I will be with you every step of the way (so long as you don’t over run your time slot and continue to pay on time 😁)

    In life, things go wrong. People upset us, bad things happen to good people and our emotional roller-coaster ensures know two days are the same 😭.

    But what saddens me the most is the amount of otherwise intelligent people who emotionally exhaust themselves trying to put a positive spin on everything. Shit happens guys.

    So before you spend another minute trying to “spin” or “re-frame” an obviously painful or frustrating experience into something more “positive”, please learn to understand what’s going on between your ears.

    Five years ago you would have needed a degree in neuro psychology to have a hope of getting your head around it all.
    Today, thanks to the likes of Prof Steve Roberts it’s a much easier fix. In my very humble opinion his book, the Chimp Paradox, that I stumbled across a couple of years back is a game changer. 👌

    A human beings, understanding why we do what we do removes a significant amount of emotional distress and adds a degree of control and stability to an other wise random and chaotic existence.

    If your not much of a reader or don’t have the patience for an audio book give me a shout next time you are in the gym and I will happily provide you with the edited highlights.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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