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Activ Small Group Spin

Want to get a sweat on? Look no further, join us for a 30 minute high intensity spin session, sure to get you sweating and breathing heavy!

Suitable for all abilities.

Fitness On Demand

Why not try our state of the art Fitness on Demand Platform. Over 1000 classes at the touch of your fingertips, simply turn on our 85 inch TV, choose a class and enjoy!

Activ F-30

If you thought getting fit was all about the kit, think again! Mother Nature gave you 4 limbs, 1 torso and a control centre. Now it’s time to use them!


An upper body workout to challenge the heart and lungs whilst improving balance, timing and coordination.

Activ Legs, Bums & Tums

A twist on the traditional LBT class. Why not come and try a burning lower body workout! A mixture of squats, lunges & hip thrusts with a bit of abs!

Activ Ab Blaster

Activate your abs through a range of exercises, if you’re looking for a high volume ab workout in a quick 30 minute session, this is the one for you!