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    Looking beyond what some might see as a less than eloquent title, this book has a great message about taking responsibility for the choices we make.

    If you have ever been inclined to worry a bout what other people think, then this is a Must read for you.

    The author very eloquently communicates the importance of identifying, understanding and working with our own personal values in an attempt to prevent us from wasting a lot of time and emotional energy on things that we cannot control.

    Acknowledging that we cannot Always choose the situations that we find ourselves in, the author goes on to suggest that by having greater alignment with our own personal values, we can indeed choose how we respond to these circumstances.

    Arguing that we spend far too much time and effort worrying about the little things in life the author suggests that we lose sight of the bigger life affirming things.

    What’s starts with a torrent of four letter profanities finishes with a very Frank but spiritual insight into the value of living an “un-entitled, humble life” consistent with your own personal values.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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