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May 13

Review:The Subtle Art of not giving a F*CK


Edited: May 13

Looking beyond what some might see as a less than eloquent title, this book has a great message about taking responsibility for the choices we make.




If you have ever been inclined to worry a bout what other people think, then this is a Must read for you.

The author very eloquently communicates the importance of identifying, understanding and working with our own personal values in an attempt to prevent us from wasting a lot of time and emotional energy on things that we cannot control.

Acknowledging that we cannot Always choose the situations that we find ourselves in, the author goes on to suggest that by having greater alignment with our own personal values, we can indeed choose how we respond to these circumstances.

Arguing that we spend far too much time and effort worrying about the little things in life the author suggests that we lose sight of the bigger life affirming things.

What's starts with a torrent of four letter profanities finishes with a very Frank but spiritual insight into the value of living an "un-entitled, humble life" consistent with your own personal values.


New Posts
  • When people are struggling I often hear " I'm just not motivated" or "how do you stay motivated"😔 Well the simple answer is you CAN'T stay motivated - it's impossible! 😱The reason for this is that motivation is an emotional state and as such is prone to changes in our mood. Good days and bad days - we all have them!😃 The key to success in exercise and body transformation is COMMITMENT. 😃😃 Commitment is dedicating yourself to doing something because you want the benefits that it has to offer or you fear the consequences of not doing it, regardless of what mood you are in. Think about it for a moment, how many people do you know who only go to work when they feel like it or are motivated.🤔 Most commit to going to work because best case, it provides them with a quality of life or worst case it "pays the bills". But in either case a failure to commit to attending will adversely impact on their situation. So next time you are "struggling for motivation" ask yourself what can make this so important to me that I will do it regardless of my mood! 🤓
  • Hi Guys   Did you know that there is a significant amount of evidence that shows the more physically Active you are the better your brain works :) Makes sense when you think about it. The brain is an organ that needs nutrients and energy.  Increased physical activity strengthens and improves just about every system in the body all of which play an integral part in getting blood and nutrients to the brain.  This in turn increases the brains ability to do...... just about anything really🤯 but does it help make us happier?  That's whole other topic for another day but let me know if you would like to know more.  Have a happy weekend guys :)