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May 17

Happy Friday


Edited: May 17


Hi Guys


Did you know that there is a significant amount of evidence that shows the more physically Active you are the better your brain works :)

Makes sense when you think about it. The brain is an organ that needs nutrients and energy. 

Increased physical activity strengthens and improves just about every system in the body all of which play an integral part in getting blood and nutrients to the brain.  This in turn increases the brains ability to do...... just about anything really🤯 but does it help make us happier? 


That's whole other topic for another day but let me know if you would like to know more. 


Have a happy weekend guys :)

New Posts
  • When people are struggling I often hear " I'm just not motivated" or "how do you stay motivated"😔 Well the simple answer is you CAN'T stay motivated - it's impossible! 😱The reason for this is that motivation is an emotional state and as such is prone to changes in our mood. Good days and bad days - we all have them!😃 The key to success in exercise and body transformation is COMMITMENT. 😃😃 Commitment is dedicating yourself to doing something because you want the benefits that it has to offer or you fear the consequences of not doing it, regardless of what mood you are in. Think about it for a moment, how many people do you know who only go to work when they feel like it or are motivated.🤔 Most commit to going to work because best case, it provides them with a quality of life or worst case it "pays the bills". But in either case a failure to commit to attending will adversely impact on their situation. So next time you are "struggling for motivation" ask yourself what can make this so important to me that I will do it regardless of my mood! 🤓
  • Remember the old Nike strap line way back when she'll suits were cool! - just do it! I can only presume that these guys were decades ahead of their time or they did not quite comprehend the power of their own mantra.  You see, when we lack motivation what we are actually experiencing is an emotional low. This can be brought on by being mentally tired, bored, fed up, apathetic or even moderately depressed but you get the picture.  These emotional states are borne of a complex balance of our bio-chemistry and neurophysiology. It sounds very complex but actually could not be much simpler! The sheer act of doing something and I mean anything changes this balance and with it your emotional state.  How many of you reading this right now can relate to that internal argument you have with that little voice inside your head about doing something.  Yeah sure it could be about going to the gym but it could just as easily be about a personal, business or social commitment.  You can think of a million reasons why not to do it with very little effort, but on the rare occasion you do not succumb to these thoughts and just do it-how good do you feel when the task is complete? Fantastic if you are anything like me.  The point is you just got on and did it. You didn't succumb to your self validating negative thought processes.  So instead of enduring the mental torture of all the reasons why you shouldn't go ahead and do something from that little voice inside your head, how about next time you feel a lack of motivation you get on and "just do it".