Why exactly are we constantly being advised to drink about 21/2 litres of water a day?

Water represents 45 to 60% of an adult’s total body weight

Muscle comprises 80% water compared to fat which is only 20% water.

Each day the average sedentary individual uses the following amount of water that has to be replaced.

  • 1500 ml/day excretion by kidneys in the form of urine
  • 500ml/day evaporation and perspiration from the skin
  • 300ml/day from the lungs
  • 200 ml/day from the gastrointestinal tract

To the majority of recreational exercisers thirst will be viewed as an indicator that they need to drink or they will become dehydrated. In actual fact, thirst is a sign that the person is already dehydrated, albeit in the initial stages.

Inadequate hydration will lead to a compromise in the function of the Circulation, Heart, Brain, Lungs and just about every physiological process in the human body.

In simple terms WE DO NOT WORK PROPERLY WHEN DE-HYDRATED. The good news is that with the addition of  8 cups / glasses of water daily we can be well on the way to feeling more energised, having better levels of concentration and giving our bodies a fighting chance of doing what they are supposed to do – Keep us fit and Healthy!

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