Successful change is not an accident that happens to some people and not to others. Success in any area of life is created by certain ways of thinking and acting, simply wanting success is not enough!This desire to create change has to be coupled with a strategy or plan. So to start creating the changes that we desire we must first commit to believing in the possibility. Without this mind set the best that we can hope for is a period of motivation followed by the inevitable disappointment of not achieving the change that we would “like” but don’t actually believe can happen.Without an unshakeable belief in the possibility other more important things in life take over. Once this happens, our desire to change moves down our internal “priority list” and is soon forgotten amid the malaise of life. So, to give yourself the best chance of making a successful change in time for the summer:

  • Commit to believing that the change you desire is possible – Dare to Dream, our imagination is a fantastically powerful tool!
  • Identify a plan or strategy that will take you from where you are now to where you want to be – Talk to your fitness team, surf the net or pick up a magazine, in an “information age” the possibilities are endless.
  • ¬†Surround yourself with people, places and media that support your desired outcome – Go to the gym, talk to people with the same interests, or join an online forum.

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